Our Skin is an Organ and it is always changing



Our skin is an organ, it reacts to both our external and internal environments.

There are always changes happening to our skin." The state of one's skin can vary due to age, hormones, weather, stress, and any other change to the environment inside or outside of your body. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which aspect of your external or internal environment is affecting your skin.

When you experience subtle differences in your skin ( sensitivity, dryness, rashes, acne ) Try taking your skin-care routine back to the basics before making any drastic changes. Skin reactions can become cyclical. There's one problem, and then you try to fix it and another problem starts. It can be hard to determine what exactly your skin is reacting to if you're trying to troubleshoot it by putting so many different products on your face with so many different ingredients. Rather than running and buying a bunch of different lotions and potions start with a super-gentle, irritant-free cleanser and moisturizer combo ( we love our Calendula Foaming Facial Cleanser and out Hydrate Serum ) A basic skin routine should clear up your complexion, rash or break out after two to four weeks.

The takeaway here: Be kind to your skin, and always try to avoid overly harsh toxic treatments, as you never know which ingredient your particular complexion may have a reaction to. For anti-aging or treating acne, Find something with small natural doses ingredients such as retinol or salicylic acid. And also, Don't just drop your skin-care routine one day and decide to pick up an entire anti-aging range. Add in one product at a time to make sure your skin can get accustomed to it.
Finally, don't expect your skin-care routine to be one-size-fits-all for a lifetime. Like your music collection or your wardrobe, your routine should be constantly curated to make sure it fits exactly where you're at now. Our skin is an organ and it is always changing.


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