24k Gold Skincare

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What are the benefits of gold in skincare?


Using Collidial and Genuine gold in beauty products is about more than just aesthetics or that extra touch of self-indulgent luxury. Not only is gold beautiful to look at, people have used gold in their skincare and self-care routines for multiple centuries.

Gold's natural properties reduce acne, even out pigmentation, and soothe sensitive skin (it’s for this reason that genuine gold is recommended for new piercings). Gold gives off a natural radiance to any surface that it's added too. Studies have also shown that it makes older skin look young again by making it more elastic.

Let's talk about the benefits of Gold.

4 ways gold benefits your skin

1. Gold Reduces Skin Blemishes and Imperfections

Gold works magic at the cellular level. Basal cells, which line the bottom of your epidermis and create new skin cells, have their production activated by gold. When gold interacts with your skin, your basal cells are kicked into action and produce fresh cells that push old and dead skin cells up and off from the inside out. The result? Skin becomes fresher and more elastic, with a visible reduction in marks, spots, lines, and wrinkles and new skin grows and replaces the old.

The best way to make use of gold’s anti-aging and wrinkle-removing properties is through the use of a gold face mask. Our 24k Aloe Vera Gel as a face mask. It is a great option to see how gold works to keep your skin young and blemish-free. The face mask has aloe vera and vitamin E to deliver a powerful antioxidant that reduces wrinkles and revitalizes skin, leaving it with that signature golden glow. These effective natural ingredients straight to the deepest layer of your skin, healing and rejuvenating it from the bottom up.

The best thing about using our Aloe Vera gel as a face mask is that you don't have to rinse it off. It will penetrate and hydrate your skin and make you look dewy and glowy.

2. Gold Soothes Sensitive Skin

Gold is rich in antioxidants that interact directly with the blood pumping just below the surface of your skin. These antioxidants improve the blood’s circulation, and, in doing so, its ability to fight off acne, rashes, hives, and other allergic reactions that surface on the skin. The application of a 24k gold mask in skincare products works to reduce these visible reactions, fading acne and blemishes with a gentle touch that avoids further irritation.

3. Gold Brightens the Face

For those seeking a natural, luminous glow, it’s hard to get more radiant than with the use of gold mask. The metal is, of course, naturally reflective, bouncing light back wherever it hits, but gold also has the added bonus of being the perfect shade to create a beautiful, sun-kissed bronzing effect on the skin. For a healthy glow, gold is a girl’s best friend.

4. Gold Cools Inflamed Cells

Gold is a natural anti-inflammatory, one that has been used to treat skin inflammations since Ancient Egypt. The antibacterial properties of gold interact directly against ulcers and other inflammations to reduce swelling, remove redness, and rejuvenate the skin. The extra oxygen stimulated by gold can reach deep into the skin and renew damaged cells.



Incorporate Gold into your self-care routine

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