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We create formulas and are certified to make all-natural formulas.We help you save money in your business by eliminating overhead and downtime.Work with a team of seasoned experts to up-level the product development services you offer to your clients. Health and beauty products are our bread and butter. If you have been thinking of launching your very own brand, you have found the right place.

Purchase Stock Formula's

We create and sell stock formulas to help you save time and money and quickly kick-off your product brand. Our stock formula's use the best ingredients, are high end, and are based on some of the most popular products out there. With these formulas, all you have to do is simply take them to the manufacturer of your choice and get your product made. We can also private label and manufacture for you. You can purchase the retail counterpart in the shop section of our store.

Easy Process
In-Person & Online. We can accomodate you wheverever you are.

Custom & Stock Formula's

We offer stock and custom-made formulas for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to launch their own beauty or wellness brand.

10% Off Courses and Classes
When you purchase a formula from us,
you get 10% off of the corresponding class and course.

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