What it is: A great tasting formulation of powerful herbs Rose Hips, Sczandra Berries, Blessed Thistle that when combined, designed to activate your Endocrine System and calming your Hormonal Glands and assisting them in the Re-Balancing Process.

  • PROMOTES MOOD & WELL-BEING: Paraben-free formula balances hormone levels that support overall reproductive health and promote physical and emotional well-being.
  • SUPPORT WOMAN’S CYCLE: This herbal blend normalizes hormonal imbalances to regulate the menstrual cycle, and ease menstrual pain and menopausal discomfort.
  • STAY HEALTHY: Blessed thistle will help you detox the liver, stimulate appetite, aid digestion, and promote health.

Free Of: This product is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

What Else You Need to Know: Formulated with a combination of powerful herbs: Red Raspberry: uterine tonic, promotes fertility, contains the alkaloid fragrine which tones pelvic and uterine muscles, contains tannins which balance hormones, improves mood, contains high concentration of calcium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins C, E, A, B.

Ingredients:Dried apples, Elderberries, Rose Hip, Spearmint, Pomegranate, Blue Cornflowers, Red Raspberry Leaf, Burdock Root, Oatstraw, Rose Hips, Sczandra Berries, Blessed Thistle, Agnus Tree Berries, Calendula

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