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We have nothing against convential beauty workshops,
it’s just not what we do her at The Beaute Loft.

As green beauty chemist and expert body care veterans with extensive experience in beauty formulating and experiences, we believe our clients deserve a taste of something new and unpredictable, an experience that leverages the best raw body loving ingredients with never-before-seen presentation.

So we created our Beaute Markery Experiences ™ , a modern new way of self-care powered by a state-of-the-art Makery and design team devoted solely to the creation of one-of-a-kind “beauty experiences” Our intention? To impress, entertain and inspire with wellness, beauty and selfcare as beautiful as it is whimsical, and design as inviting as it is innovative.

The The Beaute Loft team is driven by an uncompromising commitment to incite surprise, anticipation and delight with every experience while wowing our clients – and their guests – with imaginative presentation combinations that redefine the art of celebration.

The Beaute Loft offers experiences for creative events, corporate experiences, wellness retreats and other events worldwide. The Beaute Loft has 25 years of soapmaking, candlemaking, natural perfume blending, aromatherapy, herbalism and and plant-based skincare formulating experience to share with your group.

Currently booking special events in Michigan. Need us to travel? We can bring our events on-site to your company or retreat.

Please email us at help@thebeauteloft.com so we can begin creating a special event. We look forward to working with you!

  • Over the last six years, hundreds of corporate teams across the US and Canada have enjoyed a soap making workshop for their team building sessions and corporate events. Our soap making experiences are relaxing, fun, and accessible, requiring no prior experience. During our virtual soap making experience, your team will receive an all-inclusive kit, and our expert instructors will guide your teams and answer any questions they may have. Our soap making experiences are great as teams learn a new skill, connect with colleagues, and have a whole lot of fun, which will boost employee engagement and team morale. The best part of this experience is the fantastic reward your teams enjoy at the end, luxurious and moisturising handmade soap!

    Our virtual soap making experiences include a live virtual workshop and an all-inclusive herbal soap making kit. In this session, an instructor will guide your team through the easy step-by-step soap making process. Our kits are designed for beginners and require no prior Soap Making experience. We provide melt and pour soap making kits, meaning participants only need to microwave their soap cubes and then enjoy mixing and pouring their soap bars.
  • Soap Making Workshops

    Soap Making Workshops

    Book a soap-making workshop with all of our luxurious additions.

  • Fragrance & Aromatherapy Bar

    Fragrance & Aromatherapy Bar

    Reserve our Fragrance & Aromatherapy Bar for your next event

  • Virtual Workshops

    Virtual Workshops

    Our fun activity kits bring all the materials necessary, and they are shipped directly to each of your team members in the US or Canada.

    We set up your virtual event via Zoom (or platform of your choice)

    Our experienced instructors will guide teams through our activities.

  • In-Person Workshops

    In-Person Workshops

    1. An address collection form will be provided upon booking.

    2. We discuss and plan your virtual or In-person workshop for your participants in the US and Canada.

    3. We set up your remote team building meeting via Zoom or video conferencing platform of choice or we arrange all of the details for your in-studio or travel workshop experience.

    4. Our instructors teach class, host fun games, and provide a great handcrafting experience.

  • Special Edition

    Special Edition

    Come make your own custom soap with us during a holiday or speciality event! Our Speciality events come with complimentary refreshments and extra accomodations as you make your custom soap. Select your favorite The Beaute Loft molds, dehydrated botanicals fragrance oils that speak to you. We are currently soapking in Grosse Pointe, MI.

  • Corporate Team Building Workshopts

    Corporate Team Building Workshopts

    Our soap making workshops are perfect for a fun party idea, outing, corporate party, or for brands, teams and businesses who are in search of memorable experiences for their guests, employees or clients.

The Beaute Loft Soap Making Workshop Things To Do Grosse Pointe


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