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  • Scent and Sip Making Workshop

    Scent and Sip Making Workshop

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of fragrance with The Beaute Loft's Scent and Sip Workshop. This hands-on experience is designed to introduce you to the art and science of perfumery. Under the guidance of our expert perfumers, you'll explore a variety of aromatic ingredients and learn how to blend them into your own unique perfume or cologne. While you craft, enjoy a selection of beverages to enhance your creative flow. Whether you're looking to discover a new hobby, seeking a unique gift, or simply want to enjoy a day out with a difference, our Scent and Sip Workshop offers everything you need to unleash your inner perfumer. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of scents, where you'll leave not just with a personalized fragrance, but with memories that linger.


  • Lip and Sip Lip Gloss Making Workshop

    Lip and Sip Lip Gloss Making Workshop

    Unleash your inner beauty artisan with The Beaute Loft's Lip and Sip Lipgloss Making Workshop. Dive into the world of custom cosmetics in this hands-on, engaging class where you'll learn to create your very own lipgloss. With a selection of over 15 hypo-allergenic essential and flavor blends, 10+ mineral colorants, and our premium lipgloss base, you'll craft a beauty product that's uniquely yours. Whether you're planning a fun outing with friends, a unique date, or simply looking to expand your beauty skills, this workshop promises an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow beauty enthusiasts as you sip on your choice of beverages and let your creativity flow. By the end of the session, you'll take home not just a custom lipgloss but also the knowledge and memories of a delightful experience.


  • Whip and Soap Body Butter Making Workshop

    Whip and Soap Body Butter Making Workshop

    Embark on a journey of beauty and wellness with The Beaute Loft's Whip and Sip Body Butter Making Class. This unique workshop invites you to dive hands-first into the world of natural skincare, teaching you how to blend and customize your very own body butter using our specially formulated in-house bases.


  • Sip and Soap Soap Making Workshop

    Sip and Soap Soap Making Workshop

    Step into the aromatic world of soap crafting with The Beaute Loft's exclusive Sip and Soap Making Class. This immersive workshop is your gateway to the art of soap making, blending the joy of creation with the pleasure of sipping on your choice of beverage. Perfect for individuals or groups, each attendee must have their own admission ticket to partake in this unique experience.


Workshops & Experiences


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